Product details of Capsule Cutter Quater (Cattle)

  • Size: width 116x d 116 x 233 mm

  • Weight: 1.02kg

  • Estimatedamount: up to approx. 200 g (Cup MAX line before)

  • Material: main body: ABS resin cover Cup: Triton blade: stainless steel

  • Powerconsumption: 200 W

  • Voltage rating:100V 50 / 60 Hz

  • cable length: 1 m

About Capsule Cutter Quatre (Cattle)

This product is suitable for cut and chop, paste and mix, crushed powder because there are four sharp blades, power is sufficient. You put food materials and assemble the machine body then press downwards. It is convenient and clean because where you can clean every part of the machine by just take out the parts except for the machine body.

Capsule Cutter Quatre contains 4 powerful blades which can easily crush any kind of soft or hard ingredients, such as commercially available ice cubes or frozen fruit. It can also perfectly chop mincemeat and vegetable dishes as well. Fluffy shaved ice and fruit 100% healthy gelato can also hand-made through this product.